Controls AT 50B Product CPI

AT-50B Centralised Controller

The AT50 is a very cost effective 5-inch touch screen centralised controller and includes all the important features of a centralised controller.

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Controls AE 200E Transparent

AE-200E Centralised Controller

The AE-200E is our most popular touch screen centralised controller and includes a raft of important features such as energy monitoring.

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Controls EW 50E Product CPI

EW-50E Centralised Controller

The EW-50E includes all the features of the AE-200E but has no screen.

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Controls PAC SC51KUA Product CPI

PAC-SC51KUA Centralised Controller - Power Supply

The PAC-SC51KUA is an MNET power supply and is used mainly for AT-50B.

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Controls PAC SF46EPA Product CPI

PAC-SF46EPA Centralised Controller - Transmission Booster

The PAC-SF46EPA is used to power the MNET when a high number of MNET devices are on the network.

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