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Product Support

How do I use the energy monitoring capabilities?

Through the main controller you will be able to see how much electrical energy your Ecodan has used. Please see our "Using Energy Monitoring" video for more information.

Do you have a quick overview to help me understand my Ecodan heating system?

Yes, please see our "Introduction to Ecodan" video for information. This video will also guide you to our other Ecodan set up videos which can be accessed via our Youtube channel.

How do I programme my Ecodan?

Please see our "Initial Set Up" video for more information:

How do I change the timing for my heating and hot water?

Changing the timing on your heating system is easily achieved via the home screen of your Ecodan controller.

Please see our "Programming Hot Water and Heating Timings" video for more information:

Can I change my heating while I'm on holiday?

On our Ecodan systems, we have Holiday Mode which allows you to run your heating system at a low level.

Please see our "Holiday Mode" video for more information:

How do I use my wireless controller?

This controller is used to detect the temperature of your heated space.

Please see our "Using the Wireless Controller" video for more information:

How do I use the energy monitoring capabilities?

Through the main controller, you will be able to see how much electrical energy your Ecodan has used.

Please see our "Using Energy Monitoring" video for more information:

How do I set the night set back function on a PAR-U02 controller?

Where do I find information on fault codes?

You can look up fault codes on our website by clicking on the following link:

Go to Error Code Lookup >>

Or you can find fault codes on our ME Engineer App as this short video explains:


How does a Hybrid VRF system work?

We've produced some short, helpful videos to explain this here:


General Support

What is an air source heat pump?

Air source heat pumps harvest heat energy for the outdoor air and upgrade it to heat up water for your radiators and hot water supply.

Please see our "What is an air source heat pump" for more information:

How is an Ecodan air source heat pump different to my gas or oil heating?

Ecodan is a state of the art, inverter driven, air source heat pump that will extract energy from the outdoor air to minimise the electricity needed to heat your home.

To see how it compares to gas and oil heating system please see our "How does Ecodan differ to gas and oil heating" video for more information:

Will my Ecodan still heat my home in the middle of winter?

Yes, even when it's extremely cold outside there is still heat energy available and Ecodan is guaranteed to work down to -15C - much lower than an average UK winter temperature.

Please see our "Will my Ecodan work when it is cold outside" video for more information:

Why do we need to move to R32?

The industry has to react to the F-Gas regulations which are demanding refrigerants with a lower global warming potential.

We've produced a dedicated website and a series of short videos explaining all of the issues and looking at the solutions available which can be found below:

How hot should radiators be?

Ecodan heating systems are different to gas and oil systems because they heat radiators to a much lower temperature. This lower level of heat, combined with the correct size of radiators, gives a much more consistent and comfortable temperature which most people seem to prefer.

Please see our "How hot should my radiators be" video for more information:

What does my installer need to do for my Ecodan to be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)?

Your installer needs to be MSC Accredited in order for you Ecodan system to be eligible for RHI payments.

Please see our Step-by-step guide to applying for the Renewable Heat Incentive here >>

Is an Ecodan air source heat pump suitable for my self-build property?

Many self-builders use Ecodan due to its compliance with building regulations, its high energy efficiency, and its compatibility with underfloor heating. Ecodan does not require any underground pipework or connections to gas supplies. It is standalone and only requires electrical input.

Please see our self-builder video for more information:

What is ErP and how does it relate to Ecodan?

ErP is the Energy Rated Products directory meaning that all space and water heaters will need to display an energy label to help customers identify the most energy-efficient products on the market. The aim of the directory is to help the European Union reach its target to reduce energy use by 20 per cent and increase the share of renewable energies by 20 per cent by the year 2020.

Please see our ErP video for more information:

Maintenance Support

How do I arrange a Site Visit?

We recommend that you contact our Technical Support Team before you arrange a Site Visit, as they can often resolve an issue without the need for one.

To arrange a Site Visit, please follow the link below:

Book Site Visit >>

How do I maintain my Ecodan?

There are a few ways you can maintain an Ecodan system yourself, this includes checking the unit is clean and clear of debris like leaves.

Watch our video for more information:

We also recommend that your unit should be inspected once a year by an Accredited Ecodan Installer.

Find an Installer >>

Can Ecodan cause legionella?

With Ecodan you do not need to worry about legionella, this is because the Ecodan cylinder will automatically default to Legionella Protection Mode. When in this mode the water temperature is raised in your tank at regular intervals.

Please see our "What about Legionella" video for more information:

Do you have any Service and Maintenance plans available?

Yes, we have 3 Service and Maintenance plans available.

Please see our Service and Maintenance brochure for more information or call 0161 866 6064.

Or visit our Heating Service and Maintenance Page here >>

Where can I find spare parts for your equipment?

Our website has a comprehensive spare parts look up facility for all.

 Visit our Spare Parts Lookup site here >>

Installation Support

Where can I find details on your installation standards?

We are committed to improving standards throughout the industry and have produced a useful brochure explaining best practice methods, gathered from our own experience with our products.

For more information on these installation standards and to receive a copy of this brochure please contact our Technical Support Team.

How do I find a local Ecodan installer?

We have thousands of nationwide Accredited Ecodan Installers, all you need to do is enter your postcode and select your requirements in our Find an Engineer tool.

Find an Installer >>